Pacific Crest Trail Days is a 3-day summer festival that celebrates and promotes outdoor recreation, with a focus on hiking, camping, and backpacking.  Attendees get to participate in activities, games, classes & presentations, win awesome gear at the raffle, watch a series of films, and get great deals on the latest outdoor products from exhibiting sponsors at the Gear Expo.  Whether you’re into car camping, day hiking, or long distance hiking, the gear and info you are looking for will be here!

    All raffle proceeds support the American Long Distance Hiking Association-West, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and the volunteers working to restore trails damaged by the Eagle Creek Fire.

 PCT DAYS is free to attend, with a fee for overnight camping on Thunder Island.  Don’t miss out on being a part of a great time at the 13th annual PCT DAYS, located in Cascade Locks, Oregon, the heart of the Columbia River Gorge!

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“With so much of the specialty outdoor sales going to the online marketplace, brands need a place to engage their customer on common ground not only in a clear and concise way, but in a fun and lasting manner. Without this engagement, branding awareness can be lost. If looking to connect to your base, PCT Days is your venue.”
“PCT Days is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community of PCT lovers in the Pacific NW. The PCTA has been part of the event since the beginning, and we are excited to see the event grow and attract more people. The event has a casual, everyone-is-welcome vibe – whether you are a new day hiker or an experienced long-distance hiker, it’s a chance to celebrate the Pacific Crest Trail.”
“PCT Days has given Granite Gear the priceless one on one contact with our core thru-hiker audience from all over the world. In addition, with Cascade Locks adjacency to Portland, we get exposure to one of the most passionate outdoor cities in the world. This combination makes PCT Days a must attend event for Granite Gear!”
Rob Coughlin, Granite Gear